Sweet Adeline of the Year

Cris Conerty

Sweet Adeline of the Year 2021


Awarded to Cris Conerty

This woman exemplifies the Spirit of our chorus and steps up over and over to assist in ways that most members are not even aware of.  She is an ambassador for positivity and musical excellence, and perhaps, if you were to
look up creativity in the dictionary, there may be a photo of her!

She saw the need for a plan to help keep members motivated to stay with the chorus and attend Zoom rehearsals, and she was instrumental in developing this 6 month plan and communicating it to our members.

Her representation of our Chorus on the regional level fills me with pride that she belongs with us!”

She reached out to coaches, SAI quartets, and other music leaders and scheduled fun and uplifting education sessions for our members and section leaders.

She worked diligently to organize the music and learning tracks on the chorus website, ensuring that all current rep is easily accessible. As part of this HUGE process, she made sure that all copies of the music were clean and included
current interp. In a number of cases, that meant putting the music into the Finale program and updating it before uploading it to the chorus website.

She has been a cheerful, positive light in this past, very interesting year of difficulty and changes. She always brings smiles and positivity to our rehearsals. She always looks for the good. We especially needed this in this past year of trial and tribulation.

I personally always looked forward to seeing her happy face and glow at our zoom rehearsals. It made a difference to
Cris Conerty, please receive our appreciation of all you have done to strengthen, uplift, and inspire us all.


How do we choose our Sweet Adeline of the Year????