Spirit of Spokane Chorus Section Leaders

Our musical leadership includes talented section leaders who devote their time to help our chorus be the best it can be!



Vicki has always loved music!  She began playing the piano when 4 years old and sang in a variety of choruses in church and school. She was a soloist at many community celebrations and directed the Children’s Choir at the United Methodist Church in Canon City, Colorado (her home town). In 1990, after being hired by the Bonner School District and living in Sagle, Idaho, she read an advertisement in the paper inviting those that love to sing to come and visit an a cappella group.  She attended a rehearsal and was introduced to this genre called “barbershop.” She officially became a member of Sweet Adelines International on March 1, 1991.  After moving to Spokane in November 1991 she joined the Spokane Falls Chorus, which later became Spirit of Spokane Chorus.  When asked to be a section leader, she remembered the great experiences with previous section leaders and knew that her experience as a musician and teacher would help her to assist others. Vicki believes that every singer brings their own strength to the lead section and together the section can do great things for our chorus. The lead section strives for excellence while enjoying one another’s company and comradery.


Laura has been part of instrumental and choral ensembles since high school, but women's barbershop music has been the most fulfilling choral music experience of all.  A Sweet Adeline since 1993, she has always sung the tenor part. In addition to serving as Tenor Section Leader, she has worked on choreography teams and in chorus administration including as Team Leader for the Spirit of Spokane. Laura has also had the joy of quartet singing over the years. Presently she is the tenor of Snapshot! Quartet. 


Music has been a driving force for Josie since the age of 6 when she began what ended up being 12 years of piano lessons. Besides being the piano accompanist for many choirs, vocal and instrumental soloists, she loved playing trumpet and French horn in a variety of ensembles throughout her high school and college years.  When Josie moved to Idaho in 1997, she was invited to a Sweet Adelines chorus rehearsal and she got to experience the thrill of ringing chords with other women; the rest is history! Josie sings baritone and is passionate in her role as baritone section leader. She loves working with this wonderful group of focused, detail-oriented women who share the joy and challenge of the baritone part.  Together, the baritones work diligently to understand the details of reading and interpreting new music, learning their "job" in singing the baritone harmony (baritone really is the melody, right??!!), and basically knowing where they fit in the overall musical plan.  Josie is an Approved Director, and has served as Team Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Regional Standing Rules Chairperson, and on many other committees.  She has sung with numerous quartets including Hearsay, Jazz 'n More, Q-topia, and currently Amplify. 


Carran Kelley has been singing in Sweet Adelines since 1993.  She learned her love of harmony from her mother, who taught her and her sisters at a very young age to harmonize simple melodies. She has sung harmony ever since! She began as a bass and has always been a bass. Carran has sung in numerous quartets over the years, including "Pepper," which had the good fortune to win regional competition twice. She has been the bass section leader for Spirit of Spokane Chorus for many years and loves the challenge of rehearsing, learning and improving her musical knowledge as well as sharing that spirit with others.


Cindi is excited to be serving the chorus in her new role as a co-bass section leader!  Cindi has been a Sweet Adeline for almost 30 years with Spokane Falls/Spirit of Spokane Choruses and sang on the SAI International Stage 5 times with the chorus. She sang Lead for 20 years, Bass for the last 10 years and has competed in several quartets.  She is currently singing Bass in SnapShot! Quartet. She is a newly retired speech language pathologist from a 24-year career with Spokane Public Schools.  She received her Master’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Washington State University.  She’s recently engaged to Don (a really great guy).  She loves being a Grammie of 2 grandkids in the Spokane Valley and 3 in Omaha. 


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