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NOW is a great time to join our chorus!

The Spirit of Spokane is an auditioned chorus that strives for artistic excellence in close-harmony singing.  We welcome singers of all ages with varying musical backgrounds and abilities.  If you can carry a tune and are willing to support the Core Values of the chorus, we can teach you the rest! 

Through weekly vocal instruction at rehearsals and a variety of tools, we help our singers to realize their potential as skilled, confident performers. 

For more information about
visiting a rehearsal and/or becoming a member, please contact:

Laura Lambert, Membership Coordinator

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prospective membership

Joining the chorus is a simple process:
  1. Prospective Member: Connect with our Membership Coordinator to establish Prospective Member status and make a plan to visit a rehearsal.   
  2. Voice Placement: On your first visit, you will be assigned to a vocal part suitable to your vocal range.
  3. Participation: Enjoy rehearsals filled with singing and learning in a supportive, affirming atmosphere.
  4. Vocal Recording: When you are ready, your section leader will ask you to turn in a recording of you singing your part while singing with the chorus on a song of your choice.  This will give you valuable feedback as you prepare for your Practice Audition.
  5. Practice Audition: The Audition Manager will schedule an Audition "run-through" with a song of your choice (you can use your sheet music!) surrounded by supportive singers, including one in your part to sing along with you as needed. You can do several of these if desired.
  6. Audition: Much like the Practice Audition.
  7. Official Member: After your Audition is "passed*" the Music Advisory Team will recommend membership to the Management Team for final approval.  *Note: "passing an audition" simply means you were able to carry your part throughout most of the selected song or if you got "off-track," you were able to get back "on-track" when your support singer stepped in to guide you.

Becoming a member of SOS will bring music, singing, fun, and friendship into your life! We are beside you all of the way! 


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